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Past Events

Spring 2019

LECTURE: Werner Herzog (in discussion with Robert Harrison and Amir Eshel) (co-sponsored with Philosophical Reading Group)

LECTURE: Marita Tatari, "What is New in Contemporary Art? Understanding the Present through Modern German Thought"

LECTURE: Barbara von Bechtolsheim, "Literary Couples: Transforming Trauma"

DISCUSSION: Carlo Ginzburg, History, Rhetoric, and Proof (Lorenzo Bartolucci, DLCL, and Joe Amato, History)


Winter 2019

LECTURE: Paul Rabinow, "Contemporary Counter-Conduct"

DISCUSSION: Driss Habti, "Debating Islam, Tradition, and Modernity in Contemporary Arab-Islamic Though" (Vincent Barletta, DLCL)

DISCUSSION: Kojin Karatani, History and Repetition (Jason Beckman, EALC)

DISCUSSION: Reinhart Koselleck, Sediments of Time (Nelson Endebo, DLCL)


Autumn 2018

DISCUSSION: Hannah Arent, Crises of the Republic (Michaela Bronstein, English)

DISCUSSION: Gianni Vattimo, Of Reality (Cody Chun, English)

DISCUSSION: Lee Edelman, No Future (Josh Armstrong, DLCL)