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Amy Elias

Professor of English, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Department of English, 414 McClung Tower, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996
Research Interests: 
Contemporary literatures, time and history studies, narrative theory, critical theory, the interdisciplinary relation of the contemporary arts

Amy Elias is Professor of English at the University of Tennessee, is affiliated faculty with UT Cinema Studies and UT American Studies, and is a fellow at the UT Center for the Study of Social Justice. In 2013-2014 she was a University of Tennessee Humanities Center Fellow. Her book Sublime Desire: History and Post-1960s Fiction (Johns Hopkins, 2001) concerned with the relation between postmodern historiography and the historical romance tradition and won the George and Barbara Perkins Book Prize from the International Society for the Study of Narrative.

She has co-edited two essay collections: Time: A Vocabulary of the Present, eds. Joel Burges and Amy J. Elias, under final review with New York University Press and concerning contemporary models of time, and The Planetary Turn: Relationality, and Geoaesthetics in the 21st Century, eds. Amy J. Elias and Christian Moraru (Northwestern University Press, forthcoming April 2015), concerning planetarity and dialogue in contemporary culture, aesthetics, and art criticism.

In addition, she is the founder of A.S.A.P.: The Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present and has served in various offices for that organization, now in its sixth year; she hosted the association’s launch conference in Knoxville in 2009, which featured work by 115 speakers from China, the UK, the U.S., Japan, Canada, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain. Her book in progress, titled Dialogue: Art, and the Commons After 1960, concerns the aesthetics of interactivity and relationality in the contemporary arts and posits a new model for understanding post-1945 periodization. Her numerous articles and talks can be found at